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Gabriel's Harp

Contemporary Christian Music

Gabriels Harp through the years

Gabriel's Harp first started in 1996, when Richard Josef and I began to compose songs for church. We had already written and performed Compassion, our musical passion play in 1993, and it would continue to run for the next decade and beyond. In concert, we were joined by Matt Murphy, Joe Parker and Matt Parrotta. We recorded in Nashville and performed in Europe. Mirel Companas and Steve Sipes joined us in France in the early days. In 1999 & 2000, we were joined by Andrea Gaspar, Gavin Goszka and our good friend, Christopher Telzerow, who was an absolute blast. Since Chris's passing in 2008, additional members have been in and out: Bill Davies, Zack Fierman, Langston White, Chris Lopez - all incredibly talented musicians. I'm honored to have Gavin Murphy working with me in recent years for mixing and mastering.                                                          Rebecca