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Gabriel's Harp

Contemporary Christian Music

The past three years just melted together

Time passes and we gauge our time as before and after. After graduation. Before kids. After vacation. Before winter.

Well, the last three years just blended together. Before the pandemic. After the pandemic. It's so hard to remember what happened when in the past three years. I got a little spoiled. Instead of multi-tasking, I did one project at a time. And I enjoyed it. I loved having more time to compose and record. I loved having more time spent quarantined with family. I loved Zooming Napa Valley and Washington and New York.

It was devastating to lose friends and family to Covid.

It was hard to watch people losing their jobs.

When we could gather once again, in a masked-but-social environment, we were invited to a concert by Encore Chamber Music. Thirteen musicians performed Appalachian Spring. We watched, we listened, and I found tears streaming down my cheeks to hear live music once again.

It is heart-warming to see people in person again.

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