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Walking the Journey

So, yesterday, the Divine Word Staff toured the Office of Migration and Refugee Service, supported by the Diocese of Cleveland Catholic Charities AND the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Our tour guide was kind and well-informed, and had - as I suspect most of the Service's employees do - a passion for helping people in need. Did you know that there are approximately 20 million refugees worldwide? The United States has taken 25,000 refugees this year. These are individuals and families - some of them single mothers and children - who are persecuted and fled their home country - traveled to a refugee camp in another country, and are waiting for a third country to accept them. Time in the refugee camps can be anywhere from 5 to 30 years. Think about that. Remaining in a refugee camp for 5 to 30 years, until someone can come and rescue you. The MRS Office here in Cleveland has programs, volunteers and a plan to help the refugee from their arrival in the United States, helping with language barriers, job skills, providing assistance and housing. Many organizations in other states help the "easy-to-place" refugees. Cleveland helps everyone, especially those with health concerns and single moms with children. Our tour was an eye-opening AND heart-warming experience.

The next time you hear about the limits the United States places on incoming refugees or immigrants, picture yourself and your family living in a tent or a box or in a field. For 15 years or more. And open your heart and know that it could have been you, except by the grace of God.

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