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Pandemic Reflections

National Geographic describes adaptation as “the adjustment of organisms to their environment in order to improve their chances at survival in that environment.” Just as whales migrate each season - swimming from the Arctic Ocean in summer to the warm coastal waters of Mexico in winter - we adapted to challenges of the pandemic to better insure our survival: sheltering-in, social distancing, wearing masks. The world around us shared our crisis. Interestingly, the Chinese symbol for crisis has two characters, one meaning “danger” and the other signifying a “change point” or “opportunity.” Both of these meanings were highlighted in our very personal pandemic adaptation.

Our Divine Word musicians could continue to play with social distancing and masks, but our beloved choir could only sing from home. Paula played her flute, clarinet and vocal pads on a keyboard, Dominic also played his trumpet, string section and more on his keyboard. We began to learn songs we’d never played before, both in our Gather hymnal and contemporary Christian songs. Our Music Ministry - even the vocalists - recorded their parts at home and we were able to present our first Virtual Christmas Concert online. How lovely to hear us all together! This “change point” was truly an opportunity for us to learn and grow as musicians.

We now had the ability to accomplish things we’ve never done before: Worship from home with live-streamed masses. Through a laptop carried room to room, singing to nursing home residents. Singing with a choir from the United Kingdom, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Performing for the Virtual Choir Series 2020 at Great Lakes Theater. Technology - and adaptation - has opened us to a new world.

When you hear music either in church or on our live-stream, listen to the lyrics of the songs and see how they pertain to the readings of the day and the liturgical season. I hope that music will touch your heart as it has mine.

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